#9710762, By Ryze Ryan Davis Has Died :(

  • Ryze 10 Jul 2013 17:30:34 3,123 posts
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    I'm another who used to watch On the Spot religiously before the Kane and Lynch debacle.

    That was the first site I'd ever subscribed to, and it was for the high quality video around 2004-5. When Jeff went, I cancelled, and Giant Bomb has been a wonderful replacement for Gamespot.

    I remember laughing at an episode where the guys spent the last few minutes just eating cake - nothing game related, it must have been an anniversary episode or someone's Birthday. Just eating cake and making me jealous that I'd sat up till late to watch the show live!

    Great fun, and these guys have consistently been wonderful at their jobs. They're simply one of us - gaming enthusiasts, and shouldn't really be dying in their 30s without good reason. Rest in peace, fella.
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