#9694211, By oceanmotion Rumor: Don Mattrick Leaving MS?

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    sanctusmortis wrote:
    RightBean wrote:
    If you blame Don for the DRM and used games things, then to be fair you also have to give him the credit for listening to the feedback and changing it so that those bad things you didn't like about Xbox One will never happen.
    What you have to blame him for, simply, is fucking up the messaging so badly they had no other choice but to reverse all policies to what they were the previous system.

    Honestly, if instead of waffling about TV TV TV TV for 90 minutes he'd spent some time explaining how their digital policy would allow for library sharing and being able to trade in digital purchases etc., people wouldn't have been so angry, and demanded the status quo continue. But, he spent his time convincing the people who don't buy consoles at launch there was something in it for them, rather than giving gamers (ie people who might buy a launch machine) his attention first, arrogantly believing he could win gamers over later. By the time he even tried, it was too late to quell the mob, and so he had to bring about such a drastic change in their policy.

    It was standard big company bullshit, which is not what the gaming division needs. Put someone who knows gaming in front of the press and in charge, maybe then they can make a success of things. Get Peter Moore in from EA, for example.
    Things break..

    PR has been horrendous but I doubt it was all his doing. A direction from above was chosen, himself and others had to apply it which didn't work out so well.

    Mattrick was dancing the Microsoft corporate tune. The rest of Microsoft is leaning on Xbox more than ever and it is in danger of getting fucked.

    The all consuming Windows division gets the chance in the living room which Bill Gates and Ballmer have always wanted.

    No turning back now, Xbox division is over. Microsoft Devices and Services. A leader in games is not what they want, Mattrick was gone whatever happened.
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