#9703444, By The **Official** Tour de France 2013 Thread

  • Deleted user 6 July 2013 22:05:08
    Yeah i said that about Froome's interview, i be collapsed on the floor, for 3 hours, lungs on fire, and unable to walk. Froome just strolls up and gives his timid, nice guy, interview within 10 minutes.

    Really like richie porte, was going to put a cheeky bet on him. He will have to do in my Fantasy team instead.

    Massively impressive stuff from TS today. Omnious. Happy, but pissed off in a way because that was some massive damage caused today, not sure if people can get back from this.

    Might make tomorrow really great though, i should imagine, 4 or 5 teams might team up on sky on all those climbs to take some time back.

    have to go to work and will miss it live though :(
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