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  • Deleted user 28 June 2013 20:47:06
    M83J01P97 wrote:
    So is there no Red Button coverage of the festival this year? Just seems to be Wimbledon crap when I press it :(
    Red Button on 301 and 302 9pm-2am. Glastonbury is also on freeview channel 303. Some group called Braille or Bastille are on at the moment.

    Tomorrow it's Glastonbury Red Button on 301 from 9pm-2am, Red Button on 302 from 9pm-2am and highlights on 303 from 7pm-11:45pm.

    Sunday night it's Red Button on 301 from 4:30pm-2am and on 302 it's Red Button from 4:30pm-2am and highlights on 303 from 8pm-11:30pm

    Have fun people :)

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