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    Derblington wrote:
    Yeah, no doubt, and it's a price I'd splurge for sure.

    Problem is that I used to play CoD for almost all year, on and off, and that's dropped to about 2 months and done. If I'm just burned out on MP at the mo, it's still 15 I don't need to spend. If I do keep playing, and I'm hoping I will, then it's a definite.
    Same here. MW1/2 and BLOPS 2 kept me playing throughout the year and they were my go to MP games. I'm finished with Ghosts now, traded it in last week after growing tired of some of the ridiculously shit design flaws in the game.

    I've got plenty to trade, and with the Titanfall bundle coming, I thought I'd grab one now. I'm hoping Titanfall take a similar hold of me as CoD could previously, because really, this is all I'm getting it for at the moment.

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