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    @DrStrangelove ; I know, but the point is that it is a fallacy (defined as; a badly constructed argument, often using poor reasoning and skewed factual data).

    The point I was making is that it's a huge fallacy that both gamers and the industry have been pedalling for years. A poorly-constructed argument based on untruths and the foolish blind egotism that Nintendo isn't "cool" enough for the hardware market.

    The reality is that people just don't like admitting Nintendo games are usually great, they just don't want to be seen buying the hardware. The industry doesn't like to compete on Nintendo hardware because of Nintendo games, but the problem is they have that choice right now. Nintendo as third-party means they would have no choice but to compete with Nintendo.

    I mentioned it because Ian Livingstone, president at Eidos Interactive, said it not a few days ago. I'll quote his exact words;

    "Nintendo should have their IP on every platform, otherwise a whole generation of young people will miss out on their games."
    I'd punch a hole in the "young people will miss out on their games" by suggesting that more people would likely be able to afford the 3DS and a Wii U compared to the new machines incoming, but that's so obvious it doesn't need to be attacked. It's already drowning in bullshit...

    I will admit there's a question mark there though I didn't realise I threw in...

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