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    Here's my personal favourite? "It would be best for everyone if Nintendo became a third-party developer..." (We got this recently from an Eidos bigwig too, so it's very prevalent in the industry)

    We get this every so often, and they think it sounds nice and chimes with the mood of the gaming crowd, but I suspect if it were ever to happen the market would immediately, suddenly and worryingly howl in a mixed cry of despair and anguish.

    I mean, most developers now don't want to compete with Nintendo games. Can you imagine if they had absolutely no other choice but to do so? If every year they came up against a big Nintendo IP like Mario, or Donkey Kong? People don't like Nintendo now, they won't like Nintendo this way either. People will still complain, "Oh, Nintendo games are too good, why didn't they just stick to their own consoles?"

    Sometimes, it's better the devil you know than the devil you don't. You don't have to like Nintendo, or buy their machines, but you have to accept that behind that fašade is a raging monster, caged up in a Nintendo-branded box.

    If the industry is scared of it now, just think of how it'll feel when those bars holding it back are taken away.

    Be careful what you wish for...

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