#9596342, By Cappy How second hand sales on XBone will work

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    In the end, some publishers want to move to a thin client model. They'll be the only ones with all the game data, the user just gets the parts of the game they are currently playing, then it's flushed from the RAM and gone.

    Considering that this will all be encrypted also, actually 'owning' a game, holding the entirety of it's data in your hand via a disc or cartridge will seem strange, impossible even in a couple of decades.

    In terms of preservation, it will be out of the users hands entirely, if a court orders every copy of MegaDeathRattle II destroyed, it's gone. If the publisher is sloppy and doesn't look after data, it's gone. If Disney vaults Monkey Island VI and doesn't distribute it anymore, there's nothing you can do about it.

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