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    The rise and rise of long-form drama on TV has shown the cinema isn't necessarily the best place to develop nuanced, complex characters (that's not to say it can't, mind you) and actually frees filmmakers up to develop work that is a more visceral, immediate experience.

    I adore Gravity - I experienced on a physical level, rather than an intellectual level. It's canvas was so grand, it's imagery so vibrant, it's palette so refined. The characters were merely our entry point to the experience - an excuse for us to feel the paradoxical claustrophobia of Space.

    It was pure cinema - something that couldn't have been achieved in any other medium and something that demands to be seen on a big screen in 3D - and should be lauded for it's triumph.

    If Hollywood can learn one thing from this film it's that visual effect laden blockbusters can be creatively ambitious while still delivering box office returns and be critically well regarded. And that is a huge success.

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