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    Alastair wrote:
    I've liberated about 5 or 6 garrisons now. What are people's preferred methods?

    I have been driving one of the jeeps with the mounted railgun (does it have a proper name?) into range then letting the bullets fly. One garrison was a bit trickier - it had a chopper, and quite a bit of back up appeared from behind me.

    Mission wise I have completed the Blood Dragon hatchery (loved the escape sequence) and have decided to spend some time collecting items and liberating garrisons.
    I do as much killing as I can in stealth mode with the bow, and when that inevitably fails I run around like a headless chicken with the shotty vaporising Omega Force in clouds of red mist. If I can find the thing to deactivate the shield all the better, and I let the dragons do the work for me.

    Anyone finding the game clock in the stats screen wrong? Last night mine was saying 1 hour 50 minutes, but I've probably done three times that. Playing on PS3.
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