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    SparkyMarky81 wrote:
    I wonder how many Facebook 'friends' everyone posting here has. Just shows what bollocks Facebook is. I have loads and of them, I speak to about 10 of them regularly.
    That's pretty much the reason I'm not on there. I cannot be bothered with that glorified popularity contest.

    I'm 30, still keep in touch with a bunch of pals from school, but I've moved away now and only really see them 3 or 4 times a year. My wife and I have friends where we live now, but while she's close with some of the other mums, I'm bundled with the other dads as required, but not really close to any of them. I've got a few pals through work, one of whom I'm very close to, and I joined a choir a couple of years ago who are a really good bunch of folk I see once a week.

    I'm not sporty or anything, but I know there's a film club in town which I've never got around to checking out. That's the sort of thing I'd have to go for to meet people, as I don't really drink and I'm shite at small talk, so I'd need a distinct common interest to at least break the ice initially.
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