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    Bremenacht wrote:
    I've missed whatever happened today. What's the perceived outcome of the presentations then?

    Onesie has the games and obtrusive shit, PS4 has hardware and price, Wii U has [drum roll]... Mario Kart?
    One: more games than expected. Some of them look nice. Ridiculous price largely due to Kinect, which not one game showed yesterday appeared to use in any way, causing further fears its main function is as a spycam.

    Four: nice(r, comparitively) price. Lots of power. Games. Hardware looks quite nice. Region free. Evening megaton is it will in fact have DRM. Later revealed to be third parties mag choose to include online passes, so it's exactly as it is now.

    U: ports and remakes for 2013. Other games in 2014, may be delayed to 2018 if they decide they can't be bothered.
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