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    Thinking about it, aside from The Order which was just a CGI trailer, were any exclusives at all announced which we didn't already know about for the PS4?
    Did you watch the trailer? It opens with a screen saying "The following trailer was created in-engine" in big block capitals in the middle of it.
    Ok, that's fair enough. There was still zero actual gameplay though. So let's settle on in-engine cutscene that wasn't confirmed to be running in real-time on PS4 hardware.

    But my point was that The Order was the only previously-unknown exclusive that was announced. And going back to the PS3 reveal, lots of games were announced like that which never materialised.
    True, but I'm not overly concerned on the matter. I suspect they'll be staggering everything. Same reason they didn't show off the box at the unveiling. They'll be saving some stuff for TGS, some stuff to announce the week Xbox One comes out to try spoil the party. They've said Quantic Dream are working on something. There's no way Naughty Dog aren't do something for it. On One's release week when MS are ramming Forza down everyone's throats they'll suddenly remember that Polyphony have been knocking something together.

    Even the ones they have shown look decent. MS have Forza, which is great, Ryse, which looks tedious, a CGI for an unnamed Halo with no release date, a F2P Killer Instinct. New Panzer Dragoon looks interesting but won't be out any time soon. Quantum Break likewise.

    So I'm going on the basis of launch exclusives being Forza, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 vs Drive Club, Killzone and Knack, with both having the same third party offerings. Of all those games I'd want Forza the most but would take the Sony three over the MS three as a whole. And knowing that ND, QD and MM are working on stuff that hasn't been shown yet leaves me eager.
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