#9546475, By Ryze The many ways porn has lied to us

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    morriss wrote:
    I've met women like that, and I've absolutely wanted to do the things you inexplicably say you wouldn't.

    I've also had a girl masturbate and lick her own nipples during intercourse. It didn't last much longer after that.

    If you actually want to avoid those situations, there's something fundamentally wrong with you.
    Heh, the issue with these girls is often what they're like OUT of the bedroom, and also how she behaves around OTHER guys as well.

    I once heard a girl I met at a party say that sometimes she just wants ANYONE to touch her, if she feels a certain way.

    I know that can be interpreted in many ways, but it was pretty clear by that stage that she WAS anyone's and that's pretty problematic in the long term. However convenient it may be.
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