#9531031, By Salaman The many ways porn has lied to us

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    Dr.Haggard wrote:
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    A "squirter" just dribbles a bit of fluid when heavily stimulated, rather than sending jets of mimsy juice flying across the room.
    Those squirters you see in porn are actually pissing
    That's quite an impressive feat of willpower and bladder control. I sometimes have trouble getting the flow going standing fully clothed at the urinal because someone else comes and stand (also fully clothed) at the next one.

    These girls usually have some guy enthusiastically shoving something up them right until the second they release the floodgates.
    No it is actually a genuine and involuntary reflex. I guess if it's something you see in porn then I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are faking it, which I imagine would take some practice! But it's a real thing.
    I was talking about women being able to fake it by peeing.
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