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    scuffpuppies wrote:
    Playing as Batman will never become dull, I just find the City dull and the mechanics have started to feel dated to me.

    The convenient message over the Police radio, at the start of the game, telling citizens to stay in doors was a tad trite. I'd have liked to saved some everyday folk from crime. Consequently Arkham is an empty city with re-spawning bad guys.

    I really, really, wanted to love this. I've tried so hard to love it. I just can't.

    That's my problem though.
    This is something I can get behind. The deserted city feel. Just imagine what it would have been like with regular citizens walking the streets? Sans the lag obviously. This would have been a logical next step so kind of a bummer they went the way they did on that.

    Some very good and well put thoughts from you though. That and Tom's review is motivation enough for me to wait for the price to drop a bit. I won't be going all in on the new gen consoles at launch, so this will be a good title to keep me busy closer to or just after Christmas.
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