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  • Deleted user 9 April 2013 11:16:38
    kalel wrote:

    There are some extremely diminutive and slight male players and no allowance is made for their physicality. If their skill level is high enough then that is sufficient for them to be incportated into a team, and usually balanced out with other more physical players. I see no reason why a female player could not have the same principle applied if they were good enough.

    The only argument I've seen against this point is a point blank assertion that no woman will ever have a skull level high enough, and maybe that's true, but I've no idea how you could be sure of that.

    I see the argument as the exact opposite actually - even with if they could match the skill level the physical side would be the problem.

    Its too simplistic to say that small weak players are supplemented by larger specimens. All are awesome atheletes.

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