#9473153, By kinky_mong Future of single player games - Worrying

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    CharlieStCloud wrote:
    kinky_mong wrote:
    ... but at least we won't have to sit through 20 minutes long credits including all the fucking babies born to cousins of the code monkeys in case skipping them misses out a final post credits scene.

    *stares angrily at Bioshock Infinite*
    That's called being impatient.
    If not wanting to read that Barry Neckbeard in testing wants to thank his "mom, dad, sister and Mr Tibbles" makes me impatient, then yes I am impatient.

    All the eurogamers who actually play with each other on xbl rather than just post pseudointellectual pc handwringing bollocks on the forums, love the shit out of biggy.

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