#9471932, By Gregolution Monster Hunter Ultimate (Stock Issues)

  • Gregolution 28 Mar 2013 10:15:15 8,609 posts
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    Then there's the online rooms.... what century are we in? Is it that hard to sort out some auto matchmaking? The online rooms looks like a 15 year olds computer science project.


    I'm genuinely enjoying the game while I play and I waited for aaages to play it. But I do feel like I've been ripped off.. by Capcom. They could have put a lot more effort into an hd upgrade if they're charging 40 quid for it.

    On the Wii U side... the gamepad is absolutely brilliant for a game like this. When you are in a room or online game, having a touch screen virtual keyboard is gold - or you can use the built in mic.

    Not to mention the customisable panels for shortcuts in game. This and ZombiU show what a useful piece of hardware the game pad is....
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