#9453106, By Where are you going on holiday this year?

  • Deleted user 20 March 2013 10:47:45
    robthehermit wrote:
    A week in Cornwall from the 27th April.

    Cornwall is awesome, really looking forward to spending the day in Padstow on the 1st May for the Obby Oss festival. Might nip round to Rock while I'm there and grab some beers from the Sharps brewery.
    Might be a bit late, but on may 8th theres flora day in helston. Its great. Its a bit like obby ozz. Flora eve is amazing, and flora day is just a lot of fun. Cornwall is awesome. But it is nice to get away from the motherland now and again into civilisation.

    Also come down in june for mazey day in penzance. infact i swear we keep inventing days to get pissed. Its suprising how we get anything done.

    Summer is fantastic down here, well from april through to october ish. Beaches, bbq, cider, local ales, any excused to rat arsed, community. In winter its fucking miserbale as fuck. Next year i'm going to aus or something to get away from the wet and cold.
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