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    Hatsune Miku spoils the Soul Sacrifice party as she proves that she still has the power. Soul Sacrifice manages a solid debut in 2nd with just over 90,000 units sold in it's first week. As it was also sold in a double pack as well, that means about 110,000 units are in the (Japanese) public's hands. Far Cry 3 also manages to hit some decent numbers on the PS3 while Crysis 3 was more along the lines of what we expected.

    As for the hardware charts, Wii U dips below 10,000 again, PSP rises from the ashes and the Vita (for I think the first time since launch) manages to beat the 3DS by just a couple of thousand units, helped by the combination of last week's price cut and this week's showing for Soul Sacrifice (oh and the 16,000 unit drop for the 3DS).

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