#9403123, By J.C EA putting micro-transactions "into all of our games"

  • J.C 27 Feb 2013 20:06:56 1,279 posts
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    What a load of bollocks. Just imagine, you have just spent the best part of 40 on dead space 7 etc. fast forward a few days later, and your on level 73 etc and it's been tough. really tough. and now suddenly, after all your hard work, hours and hours of killing these mutated cunts you come face to face with massive bastard. A few hours later, having no hair left on your head, because you have ripped it all out in frustration you go into your inventory desperate to find something to shoot or throw at him. You have filled him with bullets grenades sniper rifles laser cannons blah blah blah cunt is still standing. hell you threw some coke cans and some bins but no luck. Your inventory is empty. You have fuck all left. But wait, what's this? The BFG M.T is available right now. it will take his fucking head clean of his shoulders! It costs just 1.50 and it has unlimited rockets! You'll have the game licked in no time now. You stare at the screen in utter disbelief. They want you to buy a gun to progress through the game? You press the eject button, snap the disk in two and put it in the bin. you then browse every gaming forum on the planet posting your hatred for this greedy games company, and vowing never to buy an EA game or any game with micro transactions in it. GREEDY BASTARDS.
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