#9490408, By gammonbanter DO NOT upgrade to Play TV Live Chat - epic system freezes and corruption a plenty

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    stevemullins wrote:
    Yep the paid update is what's rotten - the 1.x.x version is fine - it basically crashes In the background causing the system to freeze / have to check harddrive file system when re-booting.

    Sony are 'looking into' my refund! What's there to look at its dog s--t
    I got a refund by phoning them every week, the refund was only to my ps store wallet though.

    Seems they have given up on the ol play tv, shame really I liked that I could export saved recordings to USB, something you can't do on other DVRs (or can you, it's been a while since I looked). Also, the search facility was great, better than sky+. Ultimately it was the lack of HD that drove me away I don't have any recording device now, I'm back to pre VHS =)

    Isn't there a cool new play station DVRs type thing in Japan now?

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