#9349895, By PS2 Emulation - dev's art set free?

  • Deleted user 6 February 2013 11:54:09
    Cosmopolitan wrote:
    I have a semi-decent laptop with i5 and GeForce graphics 2GB, and many games run like ass. I mean, as long as there is not much 'moving objects' on screen it's ok, but once the action gets going it starts to stutter and drops the frame rate significantly.
    Some games look much better than they did on the PS2 though - FF XII is a shining example of this, and it also runs ok most of the time - I don't know why.
    Same problems with Dolphin.
    In my layman's opinion/experience, it's always good to have the fastest possible CPU and graphics card, and EVEN THEN it rarely compares to playing the game on the original hardware.
    Still, amazing they could achieve this.
    Your problem is that you are using a laptop.
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