#9333643, By Deckard1 is the dj dead?

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    Pepsipop wrote:

    In regardz ta how tha fuck it used ta be up in clubs?

    I ask cuz I used ta dj a funky-ass bit all up in school, college n' universitizzle n' it was a skill ta learn n' master. Da expensive big-ass name djs mostly was masterz of tha decks n' justified they price.

    I went ta mah bro doggy den yesterdizzle n' he gots his dirty ass some mp3 decks, just like cd decks but just uses computer files.

    It was terrible as wit up in five minutes I was mixin like a pro, not cuz mah game has immediately come back afta nuff muthafuckin years but cuz tha decks did most of tha thang fo' mah dirty ass. Whilst still funk it felt almost no point as tha skill n' steez was not needed. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! It busted some lyrics ta mah crazy ass what tha fuck Bpm every last muthafuckin last muthafuckin thang was, it could auto erect.

    Now I've noticed over last few muthafuckin years tha professionizzle DJs now bust dis too. Not straight-up a talent worth high pound now eh biatch? No wonder on line ups now I mostly peep ballaz whoz ass I thought muthafuckin years ago was shizzle DJs, they no longer need ta worry dat they can't mix and scratch etc. I heard a track from TC tha other dizzle wit a wack voice over sayin he won't play if you don't give his ass tha cd decks stated up in tha contract. Pft.

    Did make mah crazy ass wanna go cop vinyl decks though, every last muthafuckin muthafucka on here still mix biatch? Was a pimped out but bloody expensive hobby. I guess a phat muthafuckin thang fo' lil playas gettin tha fuck into it now it is crazy skanky afta tha initial output.
    I think Jimmy Saville ruined it for everyone.

    Fish fingers and chips pretty straight forward.

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