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    kalel wrote:
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    I agree about Nike, because shoes are fashion and fashion changes. But I had a think about Coke, and I'd say all they really do, and need to do, is keep producing new adverts. Now that's a big business, but that's why Coke is run by advertising people and not product people.
    There's so much more to it than this, and and Coke is in no way run by advertising people. They have an extremely aggressive acquisition policy as well as their own R&D, and constantly release new brands and products to keep the company at the top - energy and sports drinks, health drinks, water etc etc.
    Fair points, I had no idea Coke was into all that other stuff really. The basic cola drink is poison, I don't have much interest in it. Thanks for the brief education in the variety of other merciless ways they try to fool people into paying for sugar water!
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