#9335927, By Tonka How long before Apple die?

  • Tonka 31 Jan 2013 11:52:22 22,187 posts
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    bdaggers wrote:
    I agree with the 'age' thing.

    I need my phone to work everyday, whenever I need it. No faffing around with tweaks and shit. iPhone does that for me - I can rely on it.

    Years ago I also would've had the time to install weird shit and jail break it. Not now.
    There is no need for fading around if you get a relatively modern android build. Is a bunch of FUD.

    I guess it helps of you have gmail though...

    What do you use your phone for? Apple do have some great third party apps that android lack so that might be a reason. But if you want to navigate, watch YouTube and Facebook then pure iOS is the shitter choice.

    If you can read this you really need to fiddle with your forum settings.

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