#9332595, By TarickStonefire How long before Apple die?

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    kalel wrote:
    Longer term though, nobody is safe. Giants of industry can topple extremely quickly if they fail to read the writing on the wall as we've seen a lot of recently, and Apple are in absolutely no way invincible. Literally no brand is - even the likes of Coke and Nike who appear to be evergreens put incredible amounts of work into keeping their position.

    Be interesting to see how this new Apple smart television thing is going to go down.
    I agree about Nike, because shoes are fashion and fashion changes. But I had a think about Coke, and I'd say all they really do, and need to do, is keep producing new adverts. Now that's a big business, but that's why Coke is run by advertising people and not product people.

    In fact, isn't that widely considered the problem with Scully at Apple? Wasn't he at Pepsi or something? Over time wasn't the problem with him that he didn't see the value in working on the products so much as churning out more and more variations to advertise to more and more people, assuming that that was all they needed to do while in fact they diluted the brand to almost an almost unfixable point?
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