#9332569, By TarickStonefire How long before Apple die?

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    UncleLou wrote: I don't mind people being clueless about what's going on in the world of patent infringement, I just wish they'd stop having a vocal opinion about it. It just makes them look so foolish.
    This is it for me too, I look at what's going on with patents and it's just a minefield that no single opinion can ever really hope to straddle objectively. For one thing I do totally believe that if you come up with a really cool way of doing something, it's shitty when another company goes, "aye aye, that's way better than our shitty method, we're having it wholesale" and then makes out like it's all their own work. But at the same time there aren't that many entirely new processes out there that really deserve that sort of protection, especially when it comes to software design. And of course hat's not really how a lot of patents are being used anyway.

    The fuckers that waited till IAPs were established and then went to all the smalltime iOS devs and threatened to put them out of business unless they paid up to use a patent that I'm pretty sure everyone reasonably expected was theirs to use because Apple had said so, I hope they rot in hell.
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