#9332541, By TarickStonefire How long before Apple die?

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    nickthegun wrote:
    Apples audience is now so broad all the old, lazy stereotypes dont really apply to it. The only reason people complain like this about apple is because they cant afford their products.
    I think that's part of the reason, but it can't account for all of it. I think some people just like to Hate on big companies, because it's an easy way to direct rage and aggression online without actually 'hurting' anyone. Also, it's a habit, and a bit of a cliché. And also it's egged on by the media, who are well savvy that anything with Apple in the headline will guarantee clicks, and if they play their cards right, provoke a shitstorm of comments and, of course, yet more page clicks...

    There are quite a few things Apple do that really do warrant a good old moan, but the validity of such moans gets lost amongst the internet raaaage, and people going on about how they're doomed because their sales "collapsed".

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