#9332525, By TarickStonefire How long before Apple die?

  • TarickStonefire 30 Jan 2013 09:40:35 4,431 posts
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    Pepsipop wrote:
    I don't want them to die but I would like to see them lose their position by some way. Ridiculously overpriced and controlling.
    Oh and they sue for everything, oh so you can't have an unlock on your phone that slides?? Next console battle if apple had one could be getting the PlayStation 4 blocked as it has a similar turn on button. Oh no.
    If you could just point out on the chart which major tech company isn't suing another major tech company for something that most normal people think is utterly ridiculous, please?

    People hold Apple to completely different standards to every other tech company, for reasons that rarely seem amount to anything other than "well they're so smug they brought it on themselves, oh and I hate their customers".
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