#9332500, By TarickStonefire How long before Apple die?

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    Aargh. wrote:

    It's not an assumption, it's a question. Where is the innovation now? Everyone else copied the iOS icon layout and functionality, everyone copied the core ideas of both the iPhone and iPad. What evidence is that Apple are able to lead any innovation or have we already reached the point of boring iterations of tech?

    This position you're taking sort of seems to require that everyone get on board with the assumption that Apple until recently was innovating every goddamn year, or even every other year, and that's a strawman argument through and through.

    Just because they haven't in the last 18 months or so reinvented a genre of device that everyone else then clones for the next 5 years, they've stopped innovating?

    Whatever, you are SO just looking for an Apple fight.
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