#9331443, By TarickStonefire How long before Apple die?

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    Given they've lost their way in just over a year since Jobs died with the iPhone showing nothing new and following others, iPads being released twice a year for no obvious reason and another new iPad being released on Feb 6th, just how long is it going to be before they are dead/just a bit player?

    I know they're making money now but their cult will start to disappear quickly if they keep this up.
    Given I disagree with almost every reason you've given why Apple are on a terminal decline, it's hard to give you an answer, coz I think you just fancy an Apple fight :)

    But, let's talk looooong term. I often wonder what companies will be around in 100 years, and how they'll have changed if they still are. I have a feeling Apple is one of those companies that will be around, Microsoft, Ford and Coca Cola too. How will they change? Depends who's running the place I suppose, and how much influence other people there have in it.

    Well, except Coke. That pretty much runs itself now. All it needs is a perpetual ad generator and that's it.
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