#9326782, By Tryhard What was your first car?

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    Blerk wrote:

    Once the Mini really did fall apart I traded 'up' to a knackered 1.1 Fiesta which used to conk out as you slowed down once it had warmed up a bit. On my first ever date with my wife (then prospective girlfriend) it packed up at the traffic lights in the middle of town and I had to get her to help me shove it into a side-road where it then decided not to restart for 20 minutes. I'm sure she still doesn't believe me that that was a genuine thing. :)
    Reminds me of one date,where the girl had a Citreon 2CV.It was pouring with rain at night,could not see anything and the wiper hardly had the effort to reach the top of the windscreen.We went down a pothole and it felt like the Grand Canyon.

    By the time we got to our destination,it was time to come back.Never saw
    her again.

    My Dad said to me,"Don't worry everybody crashes their first car!"
    He was right,but never let on about the crash you have in your second car. That was a biggy and the last I have had since the early 90's.
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