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    beastmaster wrote:
    This is up there with calling a woman cute or pretty. I find that

    "Holy fuck! You really are sensationally fit!" is a much better approach. You'll get a reaction and more often than not it's a good one.

    People who "never argue, always compliment and always do what the other person wants are either straight up acting nice or are just boring people' I don't think are playing nice or just boring. They be lame ass mutherfuckers with no balls!
    Yeah tell me about it! There’s this block of flats I walk past on my way to work. I was passing once and overheard a conversation, well shouting match, between a man outside and a girl in a first floor flat. “Go on, let me in” said the man. “No fucking way, that’s the last time i let you treat me like that!!” replied the woman. “But I was on my best behaviour last night” came the reply, “I only hit you twice...”

    I wish my ‘boring’, non-argumentative relationship was more like that. It seems like a far more honest relationship than my faux-play-make-believe one. Joking aside, I'm an OK guy, I wouldn't go as far as say I was nice (I have my moments of being a selfish and miserable bastard) but I will say that thankfully there are also nice girls out there to complement nice guys. If a girl kicks you to the kerb for being “too nice” than maybe the problem isn't to do with you, eh?

    Anyway I know there are nice girls out there, because I married one. And that’s not just me being nice. Dammit! Damned if you do... ;)
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