#9324700, By TarickStonefire What political persuasion would you say you are?

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    But surely self interest and survival is a human constant. The point of legislative systems is to accommodate and circumvent human flaws.
    The first bit: absolutely, that's why it's weird when people dismiss the suggestion with references to kind of hard-to-believe conspiracy theories.

    The second bit: yes, a lot of stuff gets dealt with by our legal system and the processes society has put in place like that. But big ticket stuff, that's run by corporations.

    Look at what's happening with America and gun control - no matter what you believe about gun control, the fact that there's so little research into it in order to have a decent discussion about it is because gun companies in America do a lot of work to have that research stopped at a governmental level. The NRA is a conglomerate of gun manufacturers somehow getting away with claiming to be a representative body of simple gun-owners. It's crazy and frustrating and it has always been thus and always will be when it comes to big decisions.
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