#9327840, By Getting back into the PC building game

  • Deleted user 28 January 2013 15:55:27

    You told me you quoted the important part, so I didn't give their article another click count.

    “would need to be about twice as fast as ours to realize the real-world benefits of faster RAM.”

    Faster RAM is not memory channel bandwidth, it is module speed. If they've discussed memory bandwidth in one game using a GPU that is already doing all the heavy lifting then it isn't going to show anything meaningful, unlike sandbox's video.

    Building PCs around expensive GPUs is a false economy for system shelf life; it has been for 20years, especially when new consoles are looming 9months away. Mid-range PC's CPUs/Motherboards quickly become a casualty of software engineering practices that exploit the new console designs. Are you confident that it will be different this time?
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