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    redneon wrote:
    Ok, so I've built an AMD 8350 spec on eBuyer (without monitors) which looks like this: http://www.ebuyer.com/lists/list/136497. What do you think?

    I could probably stretch to getting this motherboard too: http://www.ebuyer.com/393530-asus-sabertooth-990fx-r2-0-socket-am3-8-channel-audio-atx-motherboard-sabertooth-990fx-r2-0. You may have noticed my budget is being broken a little :)
    Your system costs 642, the system I gave as an example on the last page was 524 and they perform pretty much the same.

    It doesn't make sense to spend more money for the possibilty of SLI later when for less money you can have better performance now. In two or three years time just sell your current card and put the money towards a better single GPU.

    Taking into account your preference for Nvidia and that you've gone from not wanting to overclock in the OP to specifying unlocked processors, I've put together the following system for 583.94 or 558.94 with the 25 discount.

    EVGA GeForce GTX 660 993MHz 2GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI
    Gigabyte Z77-D3H S1155 Intel Z77 DDR3 ATX
    Intel Core i5-3570K CPU
    Corsair 430W Builder Series CX 80+ Bronze PSU
    Crucial 8GB (2 x 4GB) Tactical DDR3 1600MHz CL8 1.5v
    Pioneer DVD-RW 24x SATA Internal - Retail Box
    XIGMATEK Asgard Pro Chassis
    Seagate 1TB Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s 64MB 7200RPM Hard Drive

    If you're going to be doing a bit of programming/compiling at home you could also swap the i5 for a i7-3770K for 668.92 or 628.92 with the 40 discount and still cheaper than your Ebuyer build.

    In fact if you will be doing any significant programming/compiling at home you would actually be better off going for the FX8350 as opposed to the i5-3570K as the 8350 will outperform the i5 at properly multi-threaded applications. Also leaving enough budget for 2 monitors will increase your productivity enormously (but you know that already).

    Also an SSD can dramatically improve compile times depending on the programming platform and project size so you might want to consider that too.
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