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    I think I was hoping for something a bit less 'blockbuster-y' with all the clunky exposition but then it's the first episode so I got used to that. But the scene with Bacon and the cheeky/weaselly police guy that knows all his work was so corny, way to explain the backstory dude!

    I thought the heart-beat effect was pretty corny too, like him clutching his chest after running around wasn't a big enough clue durrrr ;) That could get to be a very annoying handicap if it gets overused, or kept until the last moment like we've forgotten about it.

    Overall I liked it though, did not expect what happened with the, um... rope, at the end. Hope it doesn't become a bit 'crazy follower of the week' with the formula, but works more like Homeland as an ongoing drama.

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