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    Yes that was my thread. I said I played the game for 3 hours until I saw the disgusting money-hook, what I didn't say was I kept on playing for another 6 hours after and it didn't change my mind. Sorry about that.

    Getting a choice of guns in any game is about choosing the right weapon for the way you want to tackle an objective. The maps are not designed around the MP5. The MP5 will only work well in a handful of locations. What they should have done is given you a starter sub-machine gun, shotgun and sniper rifle. This means new starters have more options available to them.

    Something that's not changed is how people who pay the monthly fee can purchase whatever weapons they want regardless of their current level. Being a heavy pay to win type game I find it fitting that the slogan for Bullet Run is "fame at any cost".

    Nevertheless the game I played 5-6 months ago really is "Scientology: The Game". Now that SOE has Planetside 2 I don't even know why they bother maintaining this.

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