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    You can't restart exactly, but with a bit of cash you can remodel.

    My city in EG Fjord - the world famous Snafu Flats, cursed by God as the site of the modern Great Plagues - continues to lurch ever onwards. I have effectively rebuilt it from scratch once, and various parts of it have been redesigned (in some cases as a direct result of meteor strikes / Godzilla attacks) numerous times.

    The Sydney Harbour Opera House has come and gone, along with the leaning tower of Pisa and the monster truck stadium. I had to close down and then demolish the airport and ferry docks during the great riots of yesterday. I rebuilt the commercial district, so that it is now a differently shaped shitheap.

    Of more concern I think is the rather excessive ground pollution. I'm pretty sure they're all gonna die - or mutate - but we'll see how long we can draw out their death throes.
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