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    Playing on a random server here, took a while to get in, but once I was there I was playing until about 3am... I got carried away. Good job I'm on holiday.

    I have a private region so I can get to grips with the game, although I'm sure the inhabitants of Hell Hole, Purgatory would like me to do better. Peyote is much more impressive, but everything is closing now due to lack of education, and my sewerage is becoming a problem - all because I accidentally upgraded the wrong thing at city hall :-(

    We live and learn.

    As far as Heroes and Villains go, it looks like it's just a mission that pops up every now and then, I just cancel it straight away.

    @teamHAM - I'll add you if you don't mind, on the off chance that I manage to get on to an EG sponsored server. My origin name is Mon_The_Biff or words to that effect.
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