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    I'm kind of new to this whole 'always on' thing. Probably because I'm a Mac and XBOX gamer. So, in other words, just an XBOX gamer... ;)

    I jest, I do use Steam for a couple of things, but it seems like you *have* to have Steam installed and running to play those games. That's annoying, and seems like exactly the same thing as this?

    Educate me if I'm totally off the mark! I'm just trying to decide if I'm bothered enough to not get it, as I can't remember the last time we lost connection so it would be entirely dwn to EA to keep the servers up.

    EDIT: I notice the Mac version will be digital only, putting us the mercy of the fucking *outrageous* EA-set price for the download. More expensive to download from them than to buy a disc from Amazon. Fucking pricks.

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