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    Everyone seen the story about how a chap who posted in the Beta forum to point out how the DRM punishes legal users got banned from the website?

    His post was entirely reasonable, he didn't get angry, he didn't go all Internet Hard Man. He just pointed out how the DRM screws over everyone playing the game legally based on his experiences thus far with the beta, and makes some suggestions to EA about how they might want to over-prepare for launch given how Diablo 3 went.

    I mean sure, it's the beta so it's not perfect yet, but it's hardly an uncommon feeling and this is the company whose badly worded legal bullshit threatened to ban any player who didn't highlight problems in the beta.

    Anyway, the result: banned by EA.

    Fuck EA in the fucking face.

    EDIT: While Googling for the link I discovered that EA have lifted it, with some weasley-worded mealy-mouthed bollocks about how it was all a misunderstanding. Same as how a lawyer let that clause go out about banning bug-non-reporters when what they meant was banning bug-abusers.

    I thought legal people got paid a lot because they understand this stuff?

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