#9316694, By Johro66 'Haze' online multiplayer servers pulled, please sign our petition!

  • Johro66 24 Jan 2013 00:40:47 34 posts
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    meme wrote:
    It's not defeatist, it's realist. Show me something that has an actual chance of happening and I'll put my name on it. Show me something that has basically no possibility of ever happening, no matter how many times people go "if we all club together and believe in ourselves then fairies will exist!" and I won't. Keep showing it to me and I'll pour scorn on it.
    Ah jeez the times I've heard 'I'm a realist' as an excuse for not doing anything.. Look, nobody's forcing you.
    I put up the petition link for anyone who cares enough to sign it, you obviously don't, so don't waste my time and your time and KEEP BUMPING THIS THREAD, which is what yiz say I'm doing.
    I get that ya think Haze is shit, and petitions are shit, why you feel the need to tell me about it, I don't know. It's easy enough to just ignore the thread.
    Don't keep shitting on it and then blaming me for replying and bumping the thread.
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