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    andytheadequate wrote:
    An invasion wouldn't have been necessary
    Exactly my thoughts. And with your sentence on catalyst/cause. Japan was crippled anyway and a peace could probably have been forced in other ways. IIRC the Soviet's also declared war on Japan late on and that could have been interesting if the bomb's weren't dropped.

    As for Vietnam, my understanding is that once China became involved, and with the Soviet's supplying the NVA, they weren't confident that using nuclear weapons wouldn't risk war with one of them. Also, with most North Vietnamese cities bombed to rubble with conventional and incendiary bombs anyway, the only effective option would be to drop it on large troop formations, but the technology available and delay in recon meant this wouldn't necessarily go well either.

    Nevertheless, I can't help but feel there was if anything more justification for using it in Vietnam than against Japan.

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