#9282911, By [maven] Tera going F2P!

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    The combat in Tera really is fun (and so much better IMO than WoW and even GW2, it's closer to Monster Hunter I guess), so if you have some spare time I'd recommend you give it a go.
    End-game doesn't really exists / has quite a few problems (heroic dungeon grind, enchanting), but the way there (up until the high 50s at least) was good fun. And it looks pretty gorgeous, too.

    As a tip: The founder benefits are really quite nice, so if you think you'll play it a least a bit, it might be worth to actually buy the base game now (I think it's $20 or something) to reap the Founder benefits once they go F2P in February.

    As a side note: I was playing on the US servers (which had surprisingly low lag), as I don't trust Frogster or whoever the European host is. Currently redownloading the game. :)
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