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    I've been playing Fallout 3 again last couple of days, making some notes on what's wrong with it, maybe post on Bethesda's site.

    So colourless. I mostly love the way the world is designed, there's some great looking stuff, which of itself is amazing because I had forgotten just how muted all color is, and how horrible faces and animation is. Oddly enough, when playing New Vegas I'd remembered F3 looking much better and I thought NV was the bland looking one. Now I realise the opposite is true

    Can't sprint. Walking around is mind-numbingly slow. I often don't fast-travel in Skyrim because everything looks great, and sprinting, but no way that's going to happen in F3.

    Could use small vehicles, like a 4-wheeler for example.

    Some linked quests are very poorly arranged, by virtue of their actual arrangement on the map. eg Little Lamplight, Big Town, Germantown Police Station would probably play out in the correct order if Big Town and GPS were not smack in the middle of the map where you will almost certainly run into them on the way to early-game missions like Minefield and Arefu. It wouldn't matter except that when events occur out of order it breaks the other parts, both from a programming perspective and a narrative one.

    I'd like the option to disable how the compass shows you red marks where the enemies are. I found I kept wanting to be scared or surprised, or have "monster closets" but the radar means this never happens. There should also just be enemies that evade your perception and won't show up on the radar.

    An equivalent to Hardcore Mode from New Vegas.
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