#9275021, By Oh-Bollox Are videogames the lowest form of medium (expression)?

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    elstoof wrote:
    I love this argument, it always gets trotted out eventually but doesn't really stand up when you consider that film needed only 2 decades or so to give us Chaplin, video games have had twice that time and has so far offered us nothing comparable.
    Did the two mediums go through exactly the same influences from exactly the same factors at the exact same times in their existence? No? Then how can you say "Well, games should be up to point X by now, film was!" Comparing mediums is silly anyway, but if you're going to do it, at least pretend to try and be fair. Don't compare games to film, all the while doing your best to hamstring games, as if we can't see you doing it. We're not fucking stupid.
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