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    buggrit wrote:
    @BlackSentoki Absolutely, but your average person that buys a used 1210 won't know that - you'd be horrified at how many people use the likes of Ortofon Nightclub or Stanton Groovemasters on their home-use decks *shudders*
    You'll hear more mechanical noise from the cart itself (which is usually below the noise floor of vinyl anyway) unless your deck is shagged ;)
    If they've set it up correctly then even with a Nightclub cartridge the wear shouldn't be too bad - although I take your point that lots of people just assume the tracking weight should be at maximum regardless (and then tape a penny to the headshell!).

    I use Ortofon S-120 cartridges, set up correctly, on a pair of 1210s, and the vinyl wear is minimal and the sound quality fantastic. Have to admit the sound of the motor on a direct drive turntable isn't something I've heard picked up, but I've heard many audiophiles complain about it and swear by a belt driven deck.
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